Jay Dee Infrastructure

We at Jay Dee Exports have a technology-driven state of the art manufacturing/production vertical line environment that is able to produce various types of garments. We are able to manufacture the most superior quality of products ahead of the competitors because of our ultra-modern and ethnic garment making and producing technologies.

The combination of old-fashioned with newly developed machine production has made Jay Dee Exports maximize its sustainability, buyer, and client retention in the global export market.

Product Development

At Jaydee Exports a team of in-house designers is always updated with the latest fashion trends to create & merchants are equipped to execute & ship innovative products to our customers.

To bring customization is our products & offerings, we initiate a fashion trend research as per our customer’s as well.

After meeting with the customers & finalizing the product line, garment samples are created & shipped as per customer’s norms. Product costing, manufacturing/sourcing lead time is shared with the customer.

Order Management

Once we receive orders from our customers, BOM (Bills of material) is created & ordered in time to match the delivery. A strong follow-up system is organized with our material vendors to match the delivery date. Our stronghold on the Vendors enables us to do so.

Three types of samples are normally created and delivered to the customers:

  • Fitting Sample: A sample sent in substitute fabric & trims for fit, measurements & construction check.
  • Pre-production sample: A sample made as per the fitting comments in actual fabric & trims.
  • Top of production/Shipping sample: A sample sent from the actual production constructed, finished & packed as ordered.
  • Lab dips/Bit looms/ Strike off’s approval: These are small fabric swatches sent to the customer for color approvals in which garments are to be made. Lab dips refer to dyed fabrics, strike off’s refer to printed fabrics & Bit looms refer to Yarn dyed fabrics.
  • Trims approval: Trims on orders are sent separately in actual quality, size & color. Prior to Bulk production, FPT(Fabric Package Testing) & GPT( Garment Package Testing) is conducted from a customer’s nominated laboratory.

To maintain international acceptable quality levels, fabrics & trims are inspected physically.

Jay Dee Exports Garment Manufacturing Process?

Fabric Relaxing & Spreading

Jay Dee Exports Fabric Relaxing

We allow the fabric to relax and contract prior to being manufactured ready garments to release material tension. The relaxing process allows fabrics to shrink so that further shrinkage during customer use is minimized.


Jay Dee Cutting Department
The cutting section is equipped with adequate machinery. Technically experienced masters ensure 100% cutting perfection. CAD system from Optitex is used for computerized pattern making grading & marking system improving the turnaround time in achieving quality products.


Embroidery Station

The embroidery work is outsourced with a remarkable base of subcontractors across north India. Sampling facility for bead, sequence & adda work is available in-house with an experienced master designing & guiding the team specially trained for this type of work.


The stitching section is equipped with a wide range of machines and labor capable of producing various garment styles with perfection.

Button & Attachments

Button hole Attachment Machine

Capable labor & adequate machinery ensures smooth buttonhole & attachment operations on the garments.


Jay Dee Exports Garment Washing

The laundry section is equipped with automatic washing, dyeing, hydro & perks machines. Proficient masters & team is present to ensure high-quality washing.


Jay Dee Exports Finishing Department

Thread cutting, ironing & initial garment checking is conducted with the help of skilled workers & supervisors giving a fresh look to the garment.

Final Inspection

Jay Dee Exports Final Garment inspection

We ensure perfection to all our garments that have been manufactured. Necessary inspection is conducted to make sure that quality products are being delivered to our customers.

Quality Measures: Inspections are carried out from raw materials till the end product to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. Quality is the most important measure at Jay Dee Exports.

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Our Machinery

Product Development

  • 10 Juki Single Needle Machines.
  • 2 Juki Over Lock Machines.
  • 1 Steam Iron Table.
  • 1 CAD Pattern Making System.


  • 4 Straight Knife Fabric Cutting Machines.
  • 4 Fabric Ticketing Machines.


  • 150 Juki Single Needle UBT Machines.
  • 48 Juki Over Lock Machines.
  • 3 Smocking Machines.
  • 3 Fusing Machines.
  • 5 Button Attaching Machines.
  • 7 Button hole Machines.
  • 2 Rivet Attaching Machines.
  • 2 Bartek Machines.
  • 5 Flat Lock Machines.


  • 20 Steam Iron Pressing Tables.
  • 2 Thread Sucking Machines.
  • 1 Needle Detector Machine.


  • 2 Excel Washing Machines, 50Kg Each.
  • 2 Excel Hydro Machines, 50Kg Each.
  • 2 Excel Drying Machines, 50Kg Each.
  • 2 Renzacci Dry Clean Machines, 25Kg Each.
  • 3 Steam Boilers, 100Kg Each.
  • 1 Electric Boiler, 5Kg.

Packaging & Shipping

The packaging is done as per the customer’s requirement & finally, the garments are shipped. Shipping is organized through the customer’s nominated forwarding agent or ours through the required mode of shipping.